Saturday, August 06, 2005

Some of the Reasons why I love my Daughter...

I realise this blog is turning into a whingefest about my dastardly domestic life. In truth, little O brings me so much daily joy that there’s nowhere I’d rather be right now than at home with her. And a nanny. And housekeeper. And Chef.
Sorry, I can’t help myself. Bloody spoilt South Africans…
Here is a tiny representation of the many ways in which she lightens my life:

1. She has the most infectious, pure, joyous giggle that disarms and delights me every time I hear it.
2. She is curious and friendly, smiling at anyone who says hello. Later I will teach her that paedophiles are people she shouldn’t smile at, but right now it’s very endearing.
3. She’s clever. And responsive. And babbles endlessly when R and I are talking, contributing wisely to the conversation.
4. She does most of her pooing in the early morning, during R’s shift. This is highly considerate.
5. She is unbelievably patient, and allows me to take her wherever I go without complaining. She even comes with us to restaurants at night and sits happily in her pram, not whinging.
6. She loves the dog. When the mangy hound, Pepper, sniffs at her, she grabs Pepper’s ears and giggles.
7. She has a cheeky glint in her eye that is mostly present when she’s doing something she knows she shouldn’t be. Like eating my childhood copy of War and Peace. (Yes, I had a childhood copy. Along with Steppenwolf and God and Death. Bizarelly, some people thought I was an intense child).
8. Sometimes I don’t change her nappy for a few hours and she hasn’t reported me to the authorities even once.
9. She sleeps through the night. Everyone praises me for it. I secretly know that this has nothing to do with my mothering techniques or settling methods. It’s just luck.
10. She eats everything we offer her. Later, I will tell her about campaigns to poison Mars Bars, but right now it’s fabulous to have a non-fussy eater.
11. I have more unabated fun with her than I’ve ever had. Even including my chemical drugs days and the time I met Jonny Depp. She reminds me what it’s like to be a child, to live in this instant, to trust unreservedly, to fart in public with no shame… and to love with my heart wide open.


Blogger Lin said...

Beautiful...she sounds beyond perfect. The sleeping through the night bit is VERY impressive and full kudos goes to the entire family for raising a baby who is able to relax enough to sleep well and who is secure enough to put herself back to sleep when she awakens too early. [I'm still marveling at a childhood copy of War & Peace.]
{Re the latest shoot at our house: yep, they pay nicely and the State of California offers a great incentive to keep the film industry in California...A dozen California income tax free shoots per annum.)

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