Thursday, May 19, 2005

How can I Fuck Up? Let Me Count the Ways...

So the producer, LK, came over to get my writing samples. At three this morning I woke in fright with a terrible realisation. One of the articles I gave her was a film review of a film her boss produced. I panned it. I believe my exact quote was that the film "overreached" itself and that it raised interesting questions and then "attempted to resolve them in a way that was facile at best". Facile at best? What sort of undergraduate wanker uses phrases like that to assess the film of a much higher being than herself? Given that I hadn't recently read the work that I was giving LK (yes, I gave her work that I couldn't stand to re-read), I didn't realise that I had panned the film. The way I remember it, it was a neutral-ish review. To contexualise - this film starred the luscious, lovely Kate Winslet. I remember quite enjoying the film but at the time of writing the review I was a lowly freelancer trying to make a buck. Like all lowly, bitter, impoverished, morally-bereft STUPID STUPID freelancers I did this by panning other people's work. Oh Lord, Karma is so cruel.I texted the producer at 3.05 AM asking her to please remove that article before she gives my work to her bosses. I hope the fact that I woke her up, ripped into her boss and clearly didn't read the work I was forcing her to read is not held against me. That's not too much to ask, is it?


Blogger shlinki said...

i am hanging to see how this works out for you - and i mean that in the nicest possible way!

6:11 pm  
Blogger Ova Girl said...

Oh no no NO! Complete nightmare - but nice 11th hour save.

all digits crossed on your behalf.

6:36 pm  

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