Saturday, April 30, 2005

A Mother of a Whinge

My friend L has a new baby too. She's perpetually nervous. Has the baby had enough to eat? Too much? Did she eat too fast? Too slow? She's crying. Should I rock her? Sing to her? Play with her? Am I over stimulating her? PUT THE BABY BACK IN AND TELL HER TO COME OUT AGAIN WHEN YOU'VE CALMED DOWN, I say. Not sure she'll be asking for my mothering advice again.

Have done my back in. Not even in a glamorous, sporting way. I was in the bathroom and I bent down to pick up the toilet roll then couldn't get up again. Just yesterday my mother was telling me how fit and healthy I'm looking. Serves me right for being mean and spiteful. Am walking around in manner of elderly war veteran who wasn't quite the same after he came back from the camps. No medals though. Have taken copious amounts of Voltarin in hope of finding messiah and shutting L up.

Nothing yet.


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