Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Drugs are Good for Children

Okay, this is the last blog I will do about drugs because 1. I don't usually do drugs and 2. They're bad. Except for the 2 emergency joints R and I smoked on Sunday night. The mild Diva Marijuana snapped us both out of our horror at his evil cousins and helped us sleep. After taking an absurd amount of digital pictures of us making funny faces, and a video of the hound licking R's head which I dare not upload for fear of being reported to some animal rights group. Why does video-ing something make it look far more sordid than it is? We were both in such great moods on Monday that I could argue the green herb made us better parents. Have now thrown away remnants of herb-filled peanut butter jar and intend to wait another three years before indulging again. And no, that wasn't me rummaging through the garbage looking for one more wafer thin emergency joint.


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