Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'll be a Doctor, yes...

Went to a talk last night by the head of Paediatrics at Royal North Shore Hospital. It covered the basic things that can go wrong with kids (choking, burning, drowning, becoming liberal voters) and how to deal with them. Everyone else found it frightening, but I kept thinking "Mmm, I'm enjoying listening to a medical lecture, maybe I should study medicine after all, or maybe something para-medical. I could be a nurse. It would be noble and interesting... but white isn't a flattering colour for me, and I'm not sure about the bedpan factor... Then again, nurses have long been the object of male fantasies. Maybe being a nurse will up my sex appeal... not that I want lecherous old men with gangrene leering at me as I connect their catheters... ". In my haze of fantastical self-involvement, I managed to miss the three most important things to do if you suspect a child has meningococcal disease.

Suppose I'm destined to be a writer after all.


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