Sunday, October 16, 2005

Get out Your Raincoat...

I am Puddle Woman. I melt to driplets of water if you touch me. People are being exceptionally kind to me and it makes me feel strange. I find it difficult to be a Taker. My close friend K told me she’s sourcing second-hand equipment for the twins. She wants me to have everything in place for when they’re born so that I don’t have to spend money.

Drip. Splat. Puddle.

I’m so looking so forward to a time when I can give again. Giving is a privilege reserved for the powerful.

Tomorrow is a 3 doctor day - for hors de oeuvres we’re seeing the surgeon who performed the bowel operation, the main course is the neurosurgeon who will tell us more about the severity of O’s condition and when he wants to operate and dessert is my obstetrician, who will look at the scan I had last week and tell me if the twins are doing okay.

And little O has sprouted a second tooth, which she’s using to chomp cucumbers with. She also waved for the first time today. She’s a little trooper.

Splish. Splosh. Puddle.


Blogger LJ said...

Aww, geez. Did you have to tell about the cucumbers and the waving?We're all going to be puddles soon.

I'm waiting to hear how the 3 doctor day goes - whenever you've sufficiently recovered from it to sit and type.

Best of luck. From the heart.

6:11 am  
Blogger Lin said...

I've spent a couple of days reading and rereading your posts and that O is an especially fab little baby is obvious. That you and her Pa will also make it through, along with Baby O the Star, is also a given. But Jesus Christ on a Bicycle, why does it have to be so damned hard? Between her new wee tooth, the cucumbers and now waving, my inner cheerleader is going overtime for Baby O. Hugs to all of you.

7:30 am  
Blogger surly girl said...

what they said ^^. thinking of you all.

7:15 pm  
Blogger spindleshanks said...

Hurray for little O who is getting on with growing up regardless of all the prodding doctors.
very best wishes for the 3 doctor day.

6:36 am  

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