Tuesday, June 07, 2005

God answers Prayers. 'No', says God.

The title above is stolen from The Onion.

And it seems I have some answers from the Higher Being. Or at least from Nana Lil, who has my sock, and my forever friend in New York, B, whose source on what happened to Milli Vanilli was MTV.Com. It's a sad but fitting fable:

In 1991, Farian attempted to re-form Milli Vanilli with the original session vocalists (including female backup singer Gina Mohammed), this time crediting them and billing them as the Real Milli Vanilli, while also adding a Pilatus/Morvan look-alike named Ray Horton. However, the resulting Moment of Truth album flopped. Pilatus, meanwhile, was unable to deal with the sudden fall from grace; after mixing alcohol and prescription drugs, he slashed one of his wrists in a Los Angeles hotel, then called police and reporters to the scene, where he had to be removed from the balcony he was threatening to jump off of. Attempting to prove that they really could sing if given the chance, Pilatus and Morvan regrouped in 1993 as Rob & Fab; however, with their credibility damaged beyond repair, their self-titled debut reportedly sold only 2,000 copies total, despite an appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show. Farian had also attempted yet another album, this time renaming his group Try 'N' B and retooling the lineup again to enhance its visual appeal (which meant discarding the original singers); however, Sexy Eyes also stiffed. From there, Pilatus hit rock bottom. Beginning in 1995, he was arrested for several separate incidents in Los Angeles involving assaults (including one man he attacked with a metal lamp base), vandalism, and attempting to break into a car. Convicted of four different misdemeanors, he was sentenced to several months in jail in 1996, and did the first of numerous stints in drug rehab centers for his cocaine addiction. Pilatus eventually returned to Germany; in April 1998, his body was found in a Frankfurt hotel room after he mixed a fatal combination of pills and alcohol. Morvan continues to pursue a solo career.


Blogger Ova Girl said...

Mystery solved!

Funny old God with his quirky sock hiding ways and his petulant refusal to grant middle eastern peace. He reminds me a lot of my grumpy grandad who lives alone on a diet of Lean Cuisine and orange cordial and refuses to allow cleaners or Meals On Wheels people into the house.
He also hides socks. Or at least, discards them in hard to get at places.
Also, he gets me to cut his toenails.

5:46 pm  
Blogger Steve Westphal said...

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